Real Estate Tax

Real Estate Tax

Real Estate Tax payment and inquiry is available at Citizen Self Service Portal

State law reference— Similar provisions, Code of Virginia, § 58.1-1.

The Commissioner of the Revenue assesses all Real Property tax. It is the responsibility of the treasurer to collect the taxes assessed by the commissioner.

Note: Real Estate Tax is due December 5 and June 5 of a fiscal year that begins each July 1.

As a courtesy, the Treasurer's office allows your mortgage company or tax service to request payment of your Real Estate Tax bill. If you have an escrow, then it is likely that your Real Estate Tax bill is paid directly to us by your mortgage company. We do not send copies of tax bills to homeowners. Therefore, if you receive a tax bill, but have an escrow, you must forward the bill to your mortgage company and ask them to request, in writing, the bill from the treasurer's office for future billings. All delinquent notices are mailed to the homeowner.

If you have questions about Real Estate Tax collection, please call (703) 257-8258 or email.

Visit the Citizen Self Service Portal for tax payment and inquiry.

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Tax Relief

Residents aged 65 or over and certain disabled person may be eligible for exemption and/or deferral on Real Estate Tax through Tax Relief.

Failure to Receive Your Bill

Under Virginia law, failure to receive a tax bill will not relieve the penalty and interest charge that must be applied to all past due bills. The postmark applied by the United States Postal Service to envelopes containing payment is used to determine timeliness for mailed payments.

Delinquent Collections

The Treasurer has engaged the law firm of Taxing Authority Consulting Services (TACS) to assist with the collection of delinquent taxes and miscellaneous receivables.  If you have received notification of collection from TACS they may be contacted at:

TACS payment portal
Email TACS