Trash and Recycling

Trash and Recycling Advisories COVID-19

Five Things to Remember About Trash and Recycling

  • Always use City containers when setting out your trash and recycling. Do not set out loose trash or plastic bags.
  • Only recycle plastic containers #1, 2 and 5, metal cans, cardboard, paper, and glass. Make sure all recycling is empty, clean and dry.
  • Call ahead on (703) 257-8252 to schedule collections for large items that do not fit in your container, TVs, computer monitors, air conditioners and other appliances. Not all items can be collected curbside.
  • Set out your yard waste in brown paper yard waste bags. Bundle and tie loose branches. No compost, soil, sand or stone will be collected.
  • Always pull your container back from the curb following collections. Store containers at the side or in back of your home, or use a screened enclosure for storage.

All residents and property owners are responsible for making sure that they follow City guidelines for trash and recycling collection. Do your part to help keep Manassas safe, clean and beautiful. 

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  2. Report a Miss
  3. Order Carts
  4. HHW and TVs
  5. Bulk Waste

You can find out when we collect your yard waste, trash and recycling by visiting our interactive map. Just enter your street address to find out more.

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