Cigarette Fairy

Keep Manassas Beautiful and the City of Manassas are working in partnership with businesses in Historic Downtown Manassas to reduce the amount of cigarette litter in our streets. Through grant funding from Keep Virginia Beautiful, we have been able to secure funding for astarter project that will offer businesses the opportunity to provide freeportable ashtrays courtesy of the Cigarette Fairy!

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City of Manassas Cigarette Fairy Poster

5 Fast Facts About Cigarette Litter:

  • It takes between 18 months and 10 years for a cigarette butt to breakdown (decompose.)
  • According to a survey by Keep America Beautiful, people who throw cigarette butts were an average of 31 feet away from a trash receptacle. 
  • The same survey reported that 77% of smokers didn't think cigarette butts were litter.
  • Smokers are more likely to drop cigarette butts if they see other types of litter already on the ground. 
  • Only 14% of smokers reported owning a portable ashtray.
portable ashtray 1
portable ashtray 2

For more information:

Learn more about cigarette litter and prevention by visiting the Keep America Beautiful website. Call (703) 257-8256 to learn more about how you can participate in our project!