Chasing Light Performance

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What is Chasing Light?

Chasing Light, will be a multi-faceted art installation on the Manassas Museum lawn during the One Love Manassas Arts Festival on April 27 from 7 - 10 p.m.

Dallas artist Carmen Menza, who will produce the first-of-its kind work in this area, imagines that the 3D projected visual and musical installation will be an interactive experience that will draw all ages to participate.  The multi-level art installation will include 3D projected visuals and Chasing Light, an original musical score by Mark Menza, a Dallas composer and Carmen’s husband.

The installation has been made possible with grants from the Virginia Commission of the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Musicians, Spoken Word Artists and Dancers Can Join In

Be a part of something big and join the jam! Do you play the clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, violin or other instrument? Musicians are invited to play along with the original musical score during the visual and musical performance. The Chasing Light score is a 21st century chamber piece that employs both recorded and live players, and is juxtaposed to electronic and sampled sounds. Because a strong central element of this work is improvisation--utilizing elements of jazz, philharmonic, soundscape, and an electronic score—it lends itself to improvisation on the night of the performance. 

The music that community musicians perform will also trigger elements of the 3D light show and will continually transform throughout the evening. The projected visuals include abstract illuminated backgrounds and geometric objects created through camera shots and 3D software.

Spoken word artists and dancers are also invited to collaborate during the continuous performance. The underlying music will serve as a soundscape for those who perform spoken word and poetry as they take the stage alongside musicians and dancers throughout the evening.

Get to Know the Music

Download the Full Musical Score

Download the Concert Score

Download the Score in Eb

Download the Score in Bb for Clarinet

Download the Score for Horns in F

Download the Score for Concert Bass Clef

Take a listen to the music designed for you to join in:

Listen to the full musical score: