Green Accomplishments and Efforts

Green LightingGreen Accomplishments and Efforts
The City of Manassas continues to search for new ways to provide the same (or improved) level of service with less impact on the environment.

10% Clean Vehicle Fleet Goal by FY 2020
Currently we are at 1%. In FY 2012 we will be at 3%.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
FY 2012 City plans to deploy 4 - 5 electric vehicle charging stations in City parking lots to promote the use of electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle
FY 2012 Electric Division will purchase an electric vehicle to evaluate the use in the overall City fleet in the future.

Energy Efficient Lighting
FY 2012 Plan to install energy efficient lighting in City buildings to improve efficiency, decrease electric costs, and reduce the City’s carbon footprint.

Diesel Electric Generation
By FY 2013, the City will comply with the EPA RICE emissions standards for all diesel electric generation in the City of Manassas. This will improve the air quality in the City.

Water Plant Recycling Decant Project
FY 2012 Water Plant recycling decant project to reuse between 0.5 and 1.0 mgd of water from the water treatment plant.

Recycle LightingRecycling
Continue to increase the City’s recycling percentage by the use of both single stream recycling and the City’s recycling carts in more homes throughout the City. Our Recycling percentage went from 39% in FY 2009 to 43% in FY 2010.

Electric Smart Meters
City piloting 450 electric smart meters for residential use and adding load management devices for homes to promote energy conservation and to reduce the cost of electricity.