Green Initiatives

What is Go Green Virginia?

The Virginia Municipal League (VML) is a statewide, nonprofit, nonpartisan association of city, town, and county governments established in 1905 to improve and assist local governments through legislative advocacy, research, education, and other services. The membership includes 39 cities, 157 towns, and 11 counties, including the City of Manassas.

Go Green Virginia

is an initiative of the VML designed to provide the organization's members with helpful information and practical strategies to promote environmental responsibility.

The Green Government Challenge

Member local governments are urged to participate in a friendly competition known as the Green Government Challenge. The "Challenge" is designed to encourage implementation of specific environmental policies and practical actions that not only reduce carbon emissions, but can save local governments money.

City of Manassas' Participation

The City of Manassas:
  • is offering their first green power rate tariff
  • deployed 106 LED street lights as a pilot program in the Wellington community in Manassas
  • 100 free residential energy audits are planned as part of the smart meter pilot program
  • conducted energy audits of all public building
Visit the city page concerning green accomplishments and efforts.